Re-launching Whirlpool Group’s out-of-warranty appliance assistance service, giving it a clearly recognizable identity for users, generating a modern and performing “lead machine”. Is it possible to do all this? SulSicuro!

The SulSicuro brand was developed from scratch to give Whirlpool Italia’s out-of-warranty service a new face, which is highly appealing to users. The brand identity was followed by the development of a website optimized for lead generation, accompanied by Google Ads campaigns and continuous SEO activity on and off site. The excellent results achieved in just 6 months convinced Whirlpool EMEA to extend the project to three other countries: SulSicuro is also about to land in France, Spain and Portugal!


Whirlpool EMEA

Period of activity

2019 - to date

Brand Identity

To identify the name we explored different avenues and tones of voice. “SulSicuro” (which in Italian means “for sure”) immediately appeared to be the right choice, due to its ability to denote the service by focusing attention on the user experience. The certainty of “being on the safe side” concerns technical competence, spare parts, times, costs. A name that takes inspiration from common language and positions the brand as a reliable and capable problem solver.

The logo design followed the same path by using the symbolism of the shield, the socket of the appliance and the smile to visually denote the key concepts of reliability and customer care. A brand that is simple, immediate and communicative at the same time, with a modern, reassuring and pleasant look & feel.

Web Development

The design of had as a central goal that of lead generation through a mobile friendly layout, easy and quick to navigate, full of touchpoints and calls to action to invite the user to convert. The activity was completed by persuasive copywriting aimed at communicating  the fundamental values ​​of the service: reliability, speed of intervention, transparency of costs.


The SEM strategy involved a complete “restructuring” of the Google Ads account starting with a new Keyword and an Ad group strategy. The Campaign architecture has been designed to be flexible to changes related to keywords and geotargeting, with the Ad Group structure functional to efficient monitoring and the implementation of A / B tests on various variables. The development of landing pages dedicated to paid traffic, with clear, immediate and visible CTAs was central to the increase of advertising performance.


The information architecture was conceived from an SEO perspective to guarantee the site an optimal organic positioning. The on-site strategy focused on the production of content optimized for product, brand and local pages, combined with the development of a populated editorial area to intercept long-tail keywords. The activity was supported by balanced link acquisition activity to increase the authority of the newly registered domain.


June - December 2019

from 0 to 0.000

visits / month on the site

from 0 to 00

keywords on the front page


at cost per lead

above 000

leads per month