Niccolò Cusano Telematic University is a flagship among Italian private universities, with a wide educational offer and the possibility to enjoy lessons both in digital format and face-to-face, on the wonderful Rome campus. Our goal was to increase their online visibility and ensure constant lead acquisition for the sales department.

Ploomia supported the marketing team regarding digital activities, taking care of Advertising strategies, Search Engine Optimization and Press Office. A winning partnership that has lasted three years now, thanks to solid results that have laid the foundations for numerous parallel projects, such as the new university master in Digital Marketing entrusted to Ploomia.


Niccolò Cusano University

Period of activity

2017 - to date


In the highly competitive scenario of the university education market, Advertising activities are essential to achieve the objectives of interception of demand and lead generation. Our activity was concentrated on Search Engine Advertising, by promoting Niccolò Cusano University’s educational offer throughout the country by means of an articulated structure of highly optimized and monitored Adv campaigns, achieved through analysis, strategy and a constant striving for levels of ever higher performance. Within the SEA strategy, the team’s work has also established itself through the conception, creation and constant optimization of Landing Pages, as well as display and video advertising activities on the main platforms.


Search engines remain a major source of traffic acquisition and lead generation for universities. Thanks to our SEO activities, is now on the front page for all research related to its degree courses and masters offered. As part of the SEO we also follow the editorial strategy for the impressive blog (over 3000 posts) of the university and for the network of local sites (more than 50 sites dedicated to the various Italian provinces). Alongside constant monitoring of the platform supported by periodic technical audits, we combine a balanced link acquisition strategy, to enhance the authority of the domain.


The effectiveness of a Press Office and Digital PR strategy is, today more than ever, connected to the world of traditional media and digital channels. The authority enjoyed by paper newspapers – or their respective online counterparts – and their ability to penetrate the community fabric are a guarantee of the correct and functional reception of the message transmitted. A message that can, on the one hand, reach the widest possible audience and, on the other, positively influence the brand reputation. On behalf of Niccolò Cusano University, we take care of promoting the visibility of the brand through widespread media relations activities that has its roots in the direct relationship with national and local newspapers, as well as the most authoritative radio and television companies.


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