Tens of millions of Italians spend hours on social networks every day. They represent a real opportunity for those who have a business. They are all potential customers interested in your company's products or services. They are key to your success and your reputation.
Social Media Targeting and Consulting

A well-defined Social Media Marketing strategy helps companies increase sales, increase engagement and increase the number of their fans. With Ploomia you can rely on a team of professionals and social media consultants to be sure you will reach people interested in your industry, your products, your services. Speaking to the public through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn means not losing opportunities for growth and income; it means being successful and reaching the goals set.

Relationships and loyalty

Social Media Marketing is your best ally to find new customers and create lasting relationships with people who already know you. It is the strategic means by which to develop your business and profit from it. Our mission is to improve and make the online presence of your business more incisive, effectively communicating and actively interacting with all the target web users in your reference sector. It is not enough, just to be present; it is essential to actively communicate and interact, by following a clear and detailed plan and series of steps.  Our social agency will help and support you at all stages, sharing every detail: from creating an effective editorial strategy, to putting it online, to analyzing and reporting on the results.

You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.


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