Your current or future customers are on social media. And what about you?
Social networks, unlike sites and blogs, live from conversations and relationships, of involvement, in short, of engagement. Being present is not enough, it is essential to understand on which social networks you will find your customers, how to present yourselves on that channel and, above all, how to connect with them.
360 ° lead generation strategies

For this reason, the management of your social media presence needs our expertise and experience. We create a 360 ° strategy for you for effective management of social networks in order to achieve measurable results.

Analysis: we will identify your target, selecting the most suitable social network to reach it, and we will help you to have the right image to challenge the competition and present yourself at your best.

Planning: we will define the editorial plan for your Social channel, taking care of the creation of targeted content in order to generate engagement with your audience. We will plan everything, from the type of content to the type of format and we choose the best time to talk about you.

Creativity: to be able to catch the eye of your customer, you need originality, a clear call to action, interesting content. We will put our creative team at your service to make your products go viral.

Advertising: thanks to social advertising, we will reach your audience, segmenting them by age, place, interests, and more. We will manage the advertising budget by optimizing the investment according to your goals, from creating awareness, to generating leads, up to online purchase.

At every stage of the campaign, we’ll be analyzing the results, we’ll be working to optimize the strategy and achieve your goals.

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them... sometimes it's an ad.


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