Ploomia offers a complete and multichannel press office and media relations service that can be adapted to business needs, working in a complementary way with your marketing strategies to bring out authentic, relevant and persuasive content about your brand, perceived as spontaneous by the public. And not self-referential.

Relations with traditional media, historically at the center of communication campaigns, now play an even more important role. Every business that aims to grow over time needs to intercept increasingly fragmented interest, which divides its attention between web and print, between smartphone searches and the voice of radio speakers and television journalists. A multichannel approach is the only way to guarantee maximum visibility together with the ability to make a positive influence on brand reputation.

TV, Radio, Press: the importance of media relations for Brand Awareness

If you want to increase your visibility in magazines and newspapers, there are two ways: buying advertising space or working on relationships, relying on press office activity to obtain editorial-type outputs. The two solutions bring opposite results as far as the the perception of readers is concerned: if the former can be considered merely advertising (and increasingly ignored), attention and trust are still given to the latter.

The voice of journalists at traditional newspapers, even on the web, together with the voice of TV and radio presenters, continues to enjoy a high level of authority in the perception of users.

In Ploomia’s press office, you will speak with B2C and B2B Media Relations experts, specialized in various sectors and in dialogue with different types of audiences. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of media and their needs, we will plan a truly tailor-made program of activities and interventions.

A Customized Press Office

A good press office program aims to arouse media interest in your brand and in your service or product. The newsworthiness of the activities you want to promote therefore becomes a central element on which we can build your communication strategy. According to the brand positioning of your company, our experts will develop a personalized action plan to give your press releases the right angle according to the type of media you want to intercept and the message you want to spread. This activity is accompanied by careful and continuous fostering of relations with journalists: personal relationships that we cultivate over time to ensure interest and collaboration on the part of newspapers and editors.

The final result is a shower of spontaneous publications, articles and interviews capable of generating not only visibility, but credibility and trust in your potential customers.

How we build your strategy

How do we do all this? At your side. Together with you, we define a periodic schedule, objectives and KPIs capable of measuring the effectiveness of our activities, then we proceed with  detailed planning. Here are the main steps.

  • mapping of the reference media scenario and definition of target media
  • preparation of targeted and personalized press lists
  • drafting of press releases and news
  • study and creation of supporting material (press kits, visuals …)
  • diffusion to journalists
  • monitoring of the editorial calendar of newspapers and periodicals in order to send thematic press releases at the right time
  • adaptation of news for different media needs
  • carefully curated personal contacts with the press
  • organization of interviews with key figures in your company
  • organization of press events (presentations, press conferences) and visits to editorial offices
  • press review
  • monitoring, periodic reporting and analysis of results

If, like us, you are convinced that Media Relations should not be missing from your communication plan, Ploomia’s specialists are ready to help you discover how to develop a structured and effective business. With results in your hand.


You are not talking to reporters. You are sending message to the whole public through reporters.


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