We are experts in the management of electoral and political marketing campaigns: we have welcomed the tsunami that the digital market has generated with regards to the mechanisms of electoral consensus and we have studied them thoroughly. Our achievement is our creation of best practices, the result of the combination of mastery of traditional marketing tools alongside a strong specialization in all branches of web marketing.
From traditional tools to Political Digital Marketing

A good political marketing strategy that knows how to integrate on and offline is definitely important for success in any field: administrative, political, European elections (or even in the primary elections that for many are becoming the main gateway for those with aspirations to  public office).

It is impossible to think of excelling in an electoral campaign without the fundamental historical tools of political marketing:

  • construction of the candidate’s image
  • storytelling
  • signage, posters and flyers
  • telemarketing and television appearances
  • press office, interviews and publications in local and / or national newspapers
  • radio plays

Ploomia combines all these strategies with the most modern tools of digital marketing, which lend themselves perfectly to political communication. The affirmation of the Web as a “place” of training and a real “market” of electoral consent has meant that marketing tools traditionally linked to the promotion of products could find new applications in the communication of political and administrative action. Parties and trade union associations have lost much of the influence traditionally linked to their role as “intermediaries”: today it is necessary for each candidate or political party to appropriate the tools of the Internet to build a recognizable public image, gain consensus and increase visibility.

There are many digital tools available:

  • dynamic and captivating websites, ready for increasingly mobile navigation
  • management of official pages on the main social channels: from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to YouTube
  • community management on groups and social pages
  • social advertising strategies
  • mail marketing: from DEM to the construction of funnels and mail automation
  • presence on search engines: Web reputation, SEO and SEM
  • digital PR and Web Press Office
  • Banner and display advertising on high traffic web newspapers
Ploomia: your Political Marketing Agency

Ploomia is a political marketing agency capable of supporting candidates, movements, associations and political parties 360 °. We develop online marketing strategies applied to politics and aimed at acquiring electoral consensus. We develop integrated on-offline communication strategies for parties, capable of supporting the entire organizational machine of an election campaign by providing measurable and optimizable results.

We are by your side to ensure that Web is not just an “inevitable” element of your election campaign but a real ace in your hand, capable of transforming an open forum for discussion and interaction like the Web into a fundamental marketing tool for your success. There is only one method: consider each part of your campaign as an element in continuous dialogue with all the others, in order to create truly integrated political communication.


Lack of sustained marketing efforts can make even the largest political parties and governments to topple down.


Look up with us