On the web, it doesn't matter what you've done, the results you've achieved or those of your brand and company. It doesn't matter who you really are. It matters what Google says about you. When an acquaintance of yours or a potential customer types your name in the search bar, in a few tenths of a second he receives tens of thousands of results from Google. He will take a look at the first page, open a couple of articles and in 90% of cases he will form an opinion about you based on sparse and simple information.
Let the web talk about you… the right way

At Ploomia we will offer an online reputation monitoring service, then we will identify the general sentiment that your brand  is projecting and develop the best strategy to generate a positive influence on the perception the Net has of you.

Where the Net speaks, We are there

There are not only search engines on the internet. There are fundamental platforms that influence the opinions and choices of citizens and consumers every day. Let’s talk about social networks, Google Maps reviews or portals like TripAdvisor (as far as the restaurant world is concerned). Being present, responding constructively to criticism, creating a positive relationship with customers, influencing their opinions: our Web Reputation service is all this… and much more.

Your brand is what people say when you are not in the room.


Look up with us