The Web thrives on relationships, on invisible handshakes that approve, suggest, give authority to what the Search Engines see. They are called links. Despite the sudden evolutions that have characterized the development of Google or Bing algorithms, links continue to be one of the most important factors for the positioning of a website.
No Site is an Island

Your website cannot be considered an island in the ocean: to climb positions on Google and to be found by users for the keywords that interest you, it needs to be “promoted” by many other sites.

Link building is a delicate art that thrives on a subtle balance between quality and quantity. It is not enough to receive links from thousands of small insignificant sites: today search engines are able to identify the relevance of a link on the basis of its subject and on the authoritativeness of the source of the link. However, if managed professionally, building link architecture is capable of making your project achieve the visibility you are looking for.

A Link Building Strategy for each Project

Every web project, from the simplest showcase site to the most complex e-commerce site, deserves an accurate and personalized link building strategy. Ploomia manages 360° SEO (Search Engine Optimization): alongside the traditional technical improvement activities of your site. Ploomia will therefore provide a link building service that allows your project to grow organically and position itself on the first pages of Search Engines for the most important keywords for your business.

Having 10 quality backlinks is better than having 100 irrelevant backlinks.


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