Achieving your business goals necessarily involves acquiring a position of authority within your target community. Corporate PR activities have exactly this intention: to enhance corporate image and improve its reputation and authority with stakeholders.

Ploomia has a strong know-how in institutional communication tools, we will support you in all phases of the project, from strategy to implementation, always leaded by the consulting approach that distinguishes us.

Corporate Media Relations al tuo servizio

One of the most important tools in the “toolbox” of corporate communication is relationship with media. Maintaining relations with the editors of the most important newspapers or trade magazines, as well as with radio and television journalists and press agencies, is the basis of the press office activity that we make available to your business. The voice of traditional media continues to produce exceptional effects in terms of brand awareness, prestige and reputation.

Once the reference interlocutors for your market have been identified, we will develop a corporate-type media relations program by preparing and disseminating press releases and news suitable for making your business reality newsworthy. The aim is to attract the attention of journalists and opinion leaders, gaining in return spontaneous publications, interviews and press meetings.

From Corporate Communication to Business Networking

Alongside B2C communication, it is always important to create a profitable network of B2B relationships and partnerships. It will therefore be essential to take part in industry events and manifestations, which will guarantee the company a qualified and relevant visibility.

We will study with you the best way to communicate your message, to establish relations with event organizers in order to present speeches and case studies that will ensure prestige for your business. Alongside this, we will support you in managing your corporate identity, taking care of the visual side of your communication: from the development of brochures, to the layout of your website, to your newsletters.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: the frontier of Corporate Communication

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a unique opportunity to promote your business while contributing to a social or ethical cause similar to the values ​​promoted by your brand.

Non-profit initiatives, awareness campaigns on social issues, environmental sustainability and much more: “cause related marketing” is a path that every large company should follow. Participating in a concrete way in the well-being of society, especially in the area in which you operate, guarantees you company an image of conscious and attentive business, spokesperson for healthy and shared values.

Ploomia will also study this aspect of your corporate communication with you, helping to develop a 360 ° Corporate PR plan that will lead your company to concrete business results.

If I was down to my last dollar of my marketing budget, I'd spend it to public relations.


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