When we talk about Brand Identity design, we mean the development of all the graphic and communication elements necessary to create a positive influence on the reputation of the brand for its audience. Our agency supports Italian and international companies in order to create a strong and recognizable brand identity.
Names, Logos and much more

The first emotional perception that a customer forms about a company or product is closely linked to the image they receive. Knowingly defining all aspects related to Brand Identity serves the company to create consistent communication with its consumers and captures their attention within an increasingly interconnected and competitive market. Ploomia is a marketing consultancy agency specializing in brand identity design that accompanies its customers from the first project idea to the design and production of the related graphic material.

Brand Identity Design for integrated and coordinated communication

We start from the values ‚Äčof your company to develop an identity system capable of characterizing your brand based on a well-planned communication strategy. We identify the target audience, define the tone of voice for communication and study the best tools for targeting individual advertising campaigns. Among the various services offered to our customers you will find:

  • Brand Naming: development of the company name
  • Logo Design: design of the new brand in its various forms (website, business cards, letterhead …)
  • Literature Design: creation of all graphic projects relating to business documentation (product brochures, annual reports, catalogs, newsletters, calendars, greeting cards, press kits …)
  • Corporate Identity Design: design of a complete system, from the visual and / or nominal identity to the coordinated image
  • Digital Design: as a web agency we are specialized in the development of graphic projects for multimedia formats


Design is the silent ambassador of your Brand.


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